Episode II photos posted.
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Episode II photos posted. I can't find a link, but there is a rumor that there is a stolen script for sale as well. Lucas is ready to throw his stormtroopers at anyone who tries to sell it.
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A link for you.
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What is up with that diner picture in the middle of the others?
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Didn't you hear? Lucas, afraid that this starwars episode may not generate enough interest itself, is actually going to do a starwars/american graffiti movie. He sais it'll bring back the old people. Same with Spielberg, A.I. is going to be A.I./Hook. Lots of people are doing that these days. I think that Dogma organization first came up with the technique, when they mixed in a follow up to festen with a new film, idiots. Worked wonders for them.
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I though Lucas was taking a cue from Spaceballs. The closing credits are going to have a dancing alien.
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Starwars.com is the last place to find anything about Episode II. George is so uptight since he created Jar Jar. Silly man. If you are really hankering for a hunkering of Episode II photos and spy reports then head on over to theforce.net.
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