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What a cute chicken-cat!
posted by batter_my_heart at 5:05 PM on March 3, 2018 [1 favorite]

Chickens do all kinds of vocalizations!
"I'm broody and pissed off, go away"
"Something is sketchy, and I feel weird about it"
"Hens, look at this, it is a delicious morsel I, the handsome rooster, have procured for you!"
"Oh shit, something's in the sky, everybody hide"
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I remember our chickens making that happy sound. They were so cuddly, maybe especially thanks to chickens' body temperature being much higher than ours. I miss our chickens!
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(just filling in the Common Chicken Vocalizations)

My mother has a small flock and has learned a relevant trick: full size laying hens but a bantam rooster.
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someday I will live on my own island with a select group of friends and maybe poodles and silkie chickens
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The worst thing for me, the thing I learned much too late, was the vibe chickens give off that means "there is a predator nearby, and we fear imminent death".
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Fuck minks.
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Chickens have added so many levels of delight to my life. I can't imagine not keeping them now.
posted by WalkerWestridge at 6:47 AM on March 4, 2018

When I first got my first flock and had just put them into the new clean coop with the new clean bedding, I went in there at night and found they make this little trill when they're bedding down and content, it's very sweet.
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That is just the sweetest thing, thanks for posting it! My kid's elementary school has chickens and I used to love stopping by to see the chickens after dropping her off at class. The chickens roam free in the garden on the weekends and it's fun to see them when we drive by.
posted by mogget at 2:42 PM on March 4, 2018

I heard the fear-of-imminent-death noise a couple days ago and ran outside to see a red-shouldered hawk swooping low in hot pursuit of my Cochin hen! I chased it away. She's okay.
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