Wrestling Rhodes to Rhodes
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Dusty Rhodes died just shy of a year after my father did. I’ve always watched wrestling in order to feel the big emotions that never really seem to manifest in my real life (I cried harder when Bayley won the NXT Women’s Title, for example, than I ever have at the death of a dear friend or family member), so watching Cody deal with the grief of losing Dusty made me feel very connected and protective of him.

This photo still makes me tear up.

It’s crazy how much talent got concentrated into that family. Cody’s plan to self-finance a 10,000 seat show is beautiful in how ambitious it is, and I really want it to succeed beyond what even he imagines for it.
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That was an INCREDIBLE read, and if the wrestling part turns anyone off, the story is mostly about a son mourning his father. (With some facepaint and tights thrown in) It's hard when your actual dad is a dad by proxy to so many others.

If I lived anywhere near Chicago, I'd go see his show.
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Nothing timestamped the 70s better than pro wrestling, not even disco. It was something to behold before cable got a hold of it, small town, no budget, gritty, very working class, and not as polished.

Ivan Putski, Dusty Rhodes, Gorgeous Gino, Harley Race, and Andre the Giant. Wow, what good times on a late Saturday night.
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The Elite are doing fascinating things in terms of narrative. It is being delivered partially via multiple promotions, as well as via their own youtube show. Additionally, live elements (that they know will be filmed by fans and uploaded) are used to convey even more of the story.

On top of that, the angles themselves are some of the best that the business has seen in many years.

And Cody may be the best traditional heel in the industry today.
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That was an excellent read.

Hard Times is rightfully considered one of the best promos of all time.

And even among young poor black kids in the 80s, there was a fight over who got to be Dusty Rhodes whenever we played at Pro Wrestling.

"I called him first, you be Andre the Giant!"

"You get to be Dusty Rhodes every time, that's not fair!"

Until I read this piece, I never thought about how difficult it would be to grow up with a legend like that as your father.

Thanks for sharing this!
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I saw him wrestle in a Japanese match as "The American Nightmare" recently - he was a very convincing heel, and incredibly athletic. He sold his opponent's moves better than the opponent could sell himself, a selfless pro.
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