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When puppies meet a robot they want to be friends. Contrast that to Maya the cat's more cautious approach. But a mess of kittens vs. BB-8 will not end well. Bonus: various pets vs. various machines. Extra bonus: okay, it's just an excuse to post Cat vs Printer - The Translation again. (h/t Miss Cellania)
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ALL GOOD STUFF. "Cat vs. Printer - The Translation" sure takes me back.
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I love the robo raptor. Bought one for my niece. She's now outgrown it but it gets trotted out everytime my nephews come to visit. Here's a meeting of the minds. Wish I had taken video as there was a long, if one-sided, conversation involved.
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Puppies are all "c'mon buddy, another step, that's great, you got it!"

Kitty went from "WTF terrible monster?" to "dude, you dead?" at around 1:55 and on to total flirting. Ah, cats.

Such good viewing, thanks Johnny Wallflower!
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It would be stressful and bad for the involved animals, I imagine, but the cute kittens with the cute snake would be an interesting scene.
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Thanks for the laughs.
This is why we love our pets!
(I needed the reminder. It isn’t even noon here yet and one of my dogs has me so angry I want to sell him to the glue factory.)
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Well, that was irresponsible. Now if those puppies or that cat ever meet a real dinosaur, they're going to think "Friend!" instead of running away. Animals should have a healthy fear of dinosaurs. Mark my words: this will end in tears.
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What does it say about me that I felt sad for the robot? "Come back, kitty! I just want to be pals! Don't run away... noooo!"
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Bonus: various pets vs. various machines.

witness the birth of MetaFilter at 1:41
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