Tropical Storm Kirk's exposed low-level circulation. Freaking awesome.
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If you would like to spend an evening admiring the spinning weather from above with an enthusiastic host, Dakota Smith (@weatherdak) on Twitter has you covered. You can find Florence ramping up, and get an idea of the flooding that resulted. Or maybe a more tranquil wave of clouds off of Lake Michigan. Or possibly a little GOES-17 water vapor imagery?
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If you like that you'll probably like Tropical Tidbits too.
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Wow, very cool!
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A lot of these images are from the newish GOES-16 (aka GOES East) satellite or the not yet officially operational GOES-17 (to be GOES West when it becomes operational) satellites. There are sixteen different sensors on the satellites, each measuring a specific range of electromagnetic radiation (blue, red, near-infrared, thermal infrared, etc.) which can be looked at individually or combined. NOAA has an image viewer (, the interface of which is truly awful. For a much better experience I like the College of DuPage NexLab at
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