Ornate Birds and Sea Creatures
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sculptures of animals from the land and sea, crafting realistic depictions with a surreal edge. Each porcelain creature features elaborate elements that connect the animal back to its natural environment—such as green leaves that sprout from the wings of a black cockatoo, or tiny yellow fish that are found along the spines of her ornately patterned seahorses.
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A teeny bit creepy but really pretty!
posted by readinghippo at 7:13 PM on October 22, 2018

Lovely work!
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I'll echo my partner, who has years more ceramics experience than I: "These would be astonishing if they were made in any medium, but it's absolutely mind-blowing that these were made in porcelain."
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That is the kind of work that begs for the library of an eccentric writer/scientist/artist. The surreal quality and the movement within them make them seem alive.
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Celebrating the natural via quasi-Surrealistic techniques. Bravo! Inspiring and wonderful.
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I am a fan of her work (I subscribe to her quarterly emails of new pieces), but it isn't what you imagine as traditional porcelain. They're light weight clay on metal armatures, and she is purposefully secretive about what clay and/or how exactly she makes them.
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...she is purposefully secretive about what clay and/or how exactly she makes them.

No doubt! The more I look at them, I begin to realize this is magical and total witchcraft.
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Absolutely beautiful.
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