The failure mode of righteous is petty
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World history is peppered with petty—the small-minded revenge seekers and the even smaller-minded ones, too. A building constructed just to block a neighbor’s light; a lawsuit over a too-short Subway sandwich; a 300-year war started over a stolen wooden bucket. To honor this ignoble part of human nature, we have made the Petty Hall of Fame. It is a massive 60-item mountain of petty, created from humans’ entire history of molehills.
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What, no immovable ladder?
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Maybe it reflects me more than the article, but some of these seem not at all petty and appear to me to be calmer responses than I would have.
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You know, I would read Johnny's posts, but...
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“Never be petty.” — Dick Nixon
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Thank you for this, this was delightful.
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Sending this to my sisters RIGHT FUCKING NOW. For reasons.
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My fave petty anecdote was the two rich businessmen who disagreed about booking time with a tennis instructor at their country club. It escalated into an insane feud with weird threats, harassments, & lawsuits.
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