Grace Jones: A One Man Show / A Musical Entertainment For Television
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A lively performance set from the archives: Grace Jones - A One Man Show (full video on Vimeo; Discogs), which partly captures live performances of Jones' A One Man Show tour which was filmed at London's Drury Lane Theatre and at the Savoy Theater in New York City in 1981. Of the ten songs, six were live, and the other four are studio music videos, capturing some of the the classic Sly & Robbie era tracks. The film was directed by Jean-Paul Goude, who included a photo montage intro of some of the most famous [slightly NSFW] images of Jones from the late 1970s and early 1980s, including the "tiger in a cage" portrait and the "arabesque" photo, which he also created. posted by filthy light thief (10 comments total) 33 users marked this as a favorite
Fabulous! Earlier this year, I saw Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, which includes footage of her backstage at shows and in Jamaica. I don't know if it's available via streaming yet, but if it is, it's a solid addition to the Grace Jones canon.
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I love Grace.
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Wish you could hear the parody Moist Towelette
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I picked this out in a video rental store when I must have been about 6 or 7 (so 1982-3). My dad had a pretty liberal policy about letting me rent anything from the Music section. It blew my mind completely and permanently. I'd probably seen at least "Demolition Man" on MTV, because I distinctly recall the marching army of Graces as my first (terrifying) exposure to her. What a legend.
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The highpoint of the show (if not human achievement in general) for me, is during La Vie En Rose when Grace gets ultra-romantic: 'When he takes me in his arms, and whispers low to me, EVERYTHING IS LOVELY.'
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Oh, but otherchaz: we can. (slightly nsfw, features the cover of Killer Pussy's Bikini Wax)
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Lifelong Grace Jones fan. I first heard "Pull up to the Bumper" when I was a naive teenager and this is why I was able to have this sudden epiphany when I was in my thirties: "oh. She might not be singing about parallel parking. "
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Demolition man also implanted itself deeply in my brain, still hum it to myself and remember Grace's head bobbing like an android, laser beam stare. Excellent stuff.
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It’s still so bizarre to me that she and Dolph Lundgren were in a relationship.
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This was the nudge I needed to get a Grace Jones album from iTunes. Thanks!
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