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Amy Ray [one half of Indigo Girls] released her 6th solo album, Holler, a couple of months ago. Musically, I'd call it maybe Sun Studios Country, banjo with a horn section. Definitely Americana. Lyrically, it's entirely Amy Ray. It might be just what you need right now. [YT Playlist] Side A: Gracie's Dawn (Prelude), Sure Feels Good Anyway, Dadgum Down [video], Last Taxi Fare

Side B: Old Lady Interlude, Sparrow's Boogie, Oh City Man, Fine With The Dark, Tonight I'm Paying The Rent [video]

Side C: Holler, Jesus Was A Walking Man, Sparrow's Lullaby, Bondsman (Evening In Missouri), Didn't Know A Damn Thing

Side D: Old Lady Dreaming

The band and I recorded Holler live to analog tape at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC, over a 10-day period in January 2018. The album is inspired by traditional country, southern rock, mountain music, gospel and bluegrass. It fits in the Americana genre. The songs are all my own compositions and tell stories of late nights, love, addiction, immigration, despair, honkytonks, growing up in the south, touring for decades, being born in the midst of the civil rights movement, and the constant struggle to find balance in the life of a left-wing Southerner who loves Jesus, my homeland and its peoples. There is a tip of the hat to the great Jim Ford 1969 release, Harlan County. With songs inspired by, the film Winters Bone; and the Appalachian poet Byron Herbert Reece; as well as the great writer, Toni Cade Bambara. Following my first 2014 country record, which was my 5th solo studio release, this record is a natural progression from the stillness of a Goodnight Tender to the friction, freedom and restlessness of a Holler, with the addition of strings and horns to bring the swagger.
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the film Winters Bone
the novel was very good - I've been meaning to check out the film, which I hear is also good

touring for decades
srsly. I wonder how many days at home she has had since 1988?
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Amy is a genuine rock icon for me, but I haven't gotten into these country albums she's done. I'll give it another shot today, though. Thanks for the reminder!
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Thanks for the heads up. I really enjoyed Didn't Know a Damn Thing. Her voice has always been one of my favorites in the female rock world: alto, direct and strong without yelling. And a highly underrated string musician. Kudos to her on making what she wants to make, with no less heart than any of her other creations.
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For many years I’ve been walking on the perimeter looking for, but never finding, entry into the indigo girl universe. You got me with banjo and horns, and I think I’ve found what I was looking for. Thank you hippybear.
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Oh cool, I used to love early Amy Ray IG songs but haven't listened to anything recent. Thanks for the prompt to check this out.
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