Bloggus Caesari: the weblog of Julius Caesar.
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Bloggus Caesari: the weblog of Julius Caesar. This was mentioned in the historical blogs thread in MT the other day by ljromanoff, but those of you who didn't read it shouldn't miss out. Does your favorite historical or fictional character have a weblog?
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Also mentioned here... hope I didn't accidentally double-post. I searched with both engines, really I did!
posted by darukaru at 1:13 PM on June 13, 2002

Sadly, no. But he would have. Maybe all us bloggers are his collective reincarnation.
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I am my favorite fictional character.
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Dude! Re: my email about March 15

Did you read it? Impt. stuff!
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Well my wife sometimes tells me I'm history. And I have a blog. Would that count?
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Walt Whitman’s Daily Report is good but hasn’t been updated in a while.
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Bloggus is brought to you by Mefi member D.
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He could use some javascript to tweak the year. It seems to be off by a couple thousand or so.

It's kind of nice to just put this out there, but I have some questions about the intended point of view and consonance with historically accurate information.
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Kottke is a fictional character, isn't he?
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Whoa. I guess my server's getting a nice workout.

dhartung: I've thought of going back and changing all the dates to something accurate. Thing is, it used to be on Blogger and that wasn't possible. Now, I'm on MT and I could use, say, the excerpt field for fake dates, but I'm far too lazy to go through a year of posts and change them all. *shudder*

As for the accuracy, by and large my content is based on Caesar's own writings (at the moment, The Gallic Wars). I insert stuff he leaves out that's of interest and is meant to reflect the more personal tone seen in weblogs and online journals - his texts were primarily propaganda pieces and are narrowly focused on military activity. I try and do my research, though. For example, he doesn't mention his daughter's death in his writing - but we know it happened at this time, so I've put it in. That sort of thing.

As for historical blogs, Cleopatra gave up her blog after not too long. Same with Eusebius. And, of course, God only lasted seven days - lazy bastard. Only the mighty Caesar sticks around!
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Some people say Britney isn't real. I say they're lying. Snoop Dog is blogging west coast style as well...
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D - just use a template date format that doesn't include the year, then add a year into the template. The month and day would change, but the year would also be whatever year your blog is set in.
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my post to MT and I've started quite the chain reaction...I'm going to get an inflated sense of my own self-worth.
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Why doesn't Niccolo Machiavelli have a blog?
If anyone in history had the right sense of self to blather on about their trivial daily shite, and then demand gifts from an Amazon wish list for their troubles, it's him.
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(scratches of 'MACH 1' web site idea). well, Malthus will have to do. Imagine his wish list.
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willnot: there's a lot of time compression going on, so that wouldn't work, unfortunately.
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