Skibidi: PART DEUX, errm, два!
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Little Big's "Skibidi" (previously) now has its own Everything Wrong With video as well as a Making Of the Music Video (Russian language). More ominously, a #skibidichallenge has been virally propagating the "Macarenova" ("Gangnamevich"?) over the Web. (Many YouTube links)

So you want to go down the skibidi-hole? All righty then. Further illumination of the song: Full Lyrics , How to synthesize, Hard-hitting Inside Edition investigation. No word yet on a ContraPoints video.

And now, the full #skibidichallenge Ludovico, with guaranteed zero Ludwig Van...

Covers: Guitar, Metal, Drum kit, Tetris, Possible Blue Man hopefuls, A capella

Celebrities JibJab, Vitas (aka this guy), Darth Vader

Places Poland at Christmas, Alaska (with bear making snow angel at 1:04), UK

Animated Doodle, Minecraft with dog, with better rooster, Smeshariki, Machinima(with Skibidi-dedicated cultural catgirl)

Cosplay No Elsa, Horror, Furry, Likely CAKE fans 'Going The Distance'

Damn Commercials Skibidurglars, Power engineers

Professors, Maryanns, et al. Lifeguards, Bikers -- or Stigs?, Bow to your Skibidi, Scuba, No freaking idea

And finally, ten hours of NyanCatSkibidog
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After researching this, I'm proud to say I am now absolutely full of skibidi.
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skibidi ? skibiNO!
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If only Andy Kaufman were alive, we could have skibida.
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Awww! The Poland one is really fun. Great collection of whatever this is!
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About the "everything wrong with" link; is there anyone that enjoys that YouTube takedown voice? The same tone a nerd puts on when announcing plot holes in a movie. So gleefully self righteous and winkingly petty. Is it a youth thing, does this just mean I'm old? I'm trying to imagine finding pleasure in hearing someone talk like that and I've run out of empathy.

The song is kind of abrasive but that ubiquitous judgmental take down voice is so much worse.
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is there anyone that enjoys that YouTube takedown voice

I was coming in to say the exact same thing. That's the voice of someone who thinks that being snide is the same as being smart and funny.
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Beats don't match perfectly but I just love this:

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
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I didn't want to be the first to naysay the "everything wrong with" video, but wow, is it not funny. The "Skibidi" video is goofy and amusing. You either like it or you don't, but there's nothing "wrong" with it.
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“Poland at Christmas” is a pretty good representation about how I feel after a trip to the mall in December.
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Also, Nthing the “Everything Wrong with That ‘Everything Wrong with’ Video Is Everything” sentiment.
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OK, maybe this will enlighten and end the derail. The 'Everything Wrong With' folks also scorch themselves.
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Shaun did it better
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Sorry, the "everything wrong with ourselves" video makes me hate Cinema Sins even more. It's like, instead of spending three minutes listening to an incredibly annoying holier-than-thou white 26-year-old nerd who thinks he's the ultimate authority on everything talk about the latest mainstream film that he Absolutely has Not Seen Because He is Obviously Far Too Good For That, I'm spending three minutes listening to that same self-absorbed dude talk about HIMSELF.

On preview: Shaun definitely did it better.

Cinema Sins probably Doesn't even own a Television. Any one of their videos is "Everything Wrong with Internet Culture in 3 Minutes or Less." And their analysis of "Skibidi" reminds me of this quote:
"Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae."
-- Kurt Vonnegut
Sorry for continuing the derail. I'm going to go learn the Skibidi dance so I can randomly start doing it while I'm waiting in line at the bank.
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10 HOURS LITTLE BIG SKIBIDI - DOG DANCE VERSION is my new yule log video on the spare monitor. Audio muted, of course!
posted by moonmilk at 4:08 PM on December 9, 2018

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