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If you're craving a bit of that holiday mood but you don't have a fireplace, you don't need to tune into WPIX (previously) or limit yourself to a traditional HD virtual fireplace. Thanks to Virtual Fireplace™ and others on YouTube, there are hundreds of hours of quiet fires for your enjoyment! Crackling Fireplace with Thunder, Rain and Howling Wind Sounds, or a more soothing Japanese garden fire bowl, lakeside campfire with nature sounds, crackling campfire on the windy tundra of Norway, campfire by the sea, with crickets and waves, or a campfire on the beach sans crickets. If you're looking for a bit of slow TV that takes you somewhere, spend almost 10 hours on a train journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle, in winter.
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Darth Vader Yule Log Five Hours [YouTube]
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Two digital bonuses: 8-bit fireplace on 8 hour loop, and a little CG fireplace video called Christmas Warmer that you can download from Vimeo and loop.
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There's also the Festive Thirteenth Doctor yule log
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I quite liked Google Play's "Chromecast Fireplace," which for some reason stopped working recently. So now I just have to figure out how to stream one of these log recordings at the same time as my music...
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Joe Pesci Yule Log
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As long-lived and hungry fot cash as he was, I'm surprised Mickey Rooney never marketed a 'Joe Yule (Jr)' log.
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It's not fake because there's probably carbon-based fuel burning somewhere involved in powering the virtual fire streaming to your computer screen.
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Also noting moonmilk's yule log recommendation from the Skibidi II thread
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Found one on Netflix and it’s great because it is a real fire that goes from start to finish, complete with popping and crackling sounds. It’s a fine substitute for the real thing!
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Thank you, sundrop -- I don't know if I found the same one, but the one I have on cracked me up because it has three "episodes," each of which is one hour of fireplace but with different audio options. Crackling but no music for the win!
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I was watching the last link yesterday!
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I had the Norwegian train on all day today. It was amazing! I am so jealous of other countries' rail systems.
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A Pixar Fireplace
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i saw one this week that was closed captioned for those unable to hear.
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For the past few years, a couple Saskatchewan artists have created a parody of Christmas fireplace videos that they call a "Shit Fireplace".
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Damn, I watched a full hour of the 9 (NINE) hours and 56 minutes of the Norwegian winter train. it's all I could last. And they have the four seasons!! (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn) all about the same length I guess. How long it took to upload this video? All four seasons here:
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