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Our Debut Album is the podcast where two comedians have one hour to write a hit song. Once a month, Dave Shumka and Graham Clark of Stop Podcasting Yourself get together and write a song they hope will be a hit. After 12 months, they’ll have a debut album. posted by Alvy Ampersand (8 comments total) 6 users marked this as a favorite
Ice Hotel is a bop.

No offense at all to Dave and Graham, but I'd really love to hear a group of professional musicians take on the same challenge.
posted by Rock Steady at 11:42 AM on January 7, 2019

A collaborator and I have been talking about doing something like this - we already do the song part, but the discussions about it often turn into a sort of salon about influences and examples and recording philosophy. I have trouble making space to listen to podcasts, but may have to carve out some time for this one.
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A couple of pro versions, both weekly challenges for a year:
Jonathan Coulton - Thing a Week
They Might Be Giants - Dial-a-Song (2015 & 2018)
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I loved this podcast when it came out, because their goal wasn't really to Write a Good Song, but more to just like, have a good time and write goofy songs ("more serious than Ween"). I agree with kanata, that it got a little less exciting due to time constraints, but I still listen to Magnetic Pulse or Ice Hotel in the regular shuffle rotation. Stop Podcasting Yourself is the podcast I've listened to the longest, because Dave and Graham are just the most wonderful.
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@rocksteady: Behold:

Buddies (Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass)

YouTube link

New Orleansy and The Ballad of Steve are my favorites.
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Just a reminder that, old-school as it may be, SongFight is still a thing that exists.
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My favorite is Sharon Shockwave.
posted by roll truck roll at 10:17 PM on January 7, 2019

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