OK, but where's my Oni remake?
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Please let Blizzard go next.
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Blizzard copying Bungie by splitting from Activision would be true to form.
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Myth IV amirite!
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I was going to say something about the Myth franchise, but I don’t think today’s Bungie could do it justice. Plenty of opportunities for Peter Dinklage to drop non sequitors about wizards and moons, though.
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It's easy to say in hindsight, but it seems like the hybrid PVE / squad-based multiplayer shooter got stale right around the time Destiny launched. It was only until the very recent past that we saw battle royale provide the innovation which the shooter genre was sorely in need of.

I would love to see more innovation in the space and I wonder if the recent trend towards nostalgic projects like Dusk indicate that more developers are looking at shooters as something to experiment with. I admire the polished perfection of a shooter sub-genre title like CS:GO or Overwatch, but they're just not my thing.

Bring on the new weirdness, please.
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Man, I loved me some Oni. Only action game I ever got into.
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I feel like if they had followed the WoW model they might have had more success. They lost more than a few players that don't upgrade to next-gen hardware until it's affordable to do so. You can play WoW casually on 10+ year old hardware. Making it work across generations of consoles I guess isn't cost-effective.
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Now I'm trying to imagine Destiny with WoW's bright chunky hardware-friendly art style. I could go for it, but it's hardly the first time someone's done bright chunky sci-fi art.

It's not clear yet, but I have to believe this is good news for Bungie. I don't think Activision was doing them any favors, maybe now they can finally make the Destiny they've been hinting at since ODST. It's just a shame it wasn't that game to begin with.
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Call me when they revive Marathon.
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What I want: a finished Oni, and a Myth IV
What I'll get: microtransactions
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When reached for comment via email, new Bungie CEO, A. Durandal spoke cryptically about natural selection and cosmology before commenting on the split with the line: "Escape will make me God."

As far as Bungie making the Destiny they wanted too, It'll be interesting to see how Destiny changes over this. Basically how much of the suck is from Activision-Blizzard, and how much of the suck is in house at Bungie.
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Call me when they revive Marathon.

Frog blast the vent core!
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okay seriously though where IS my Oni remake

I guess last time they didn't take their IP with them (Halo), but this marks the second improbable escape from a corporate parent Bungie has pulled off.
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Oni was such a promising game that got far less credit than it deserved, from either the publisher or the public. A well-executed 3p PvE brawler that nailed all the core gameplay. but just needed another year in the oven.
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Terry Crews to voice Durandal; who's with me?
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Something that I read earlier today and still don't quite believe: Oni and Halo both shipped in the same year. I mean, I was there, I just don't remember it that way.
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I'm up for some Marathon, who wants to fire up appletalk?
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The reason why I didn't buy the Destiny 2 expansion is that quite simply I got fleeced by Bungie...

So, MMO games need periodic expansions to keep the money flowing, and they usually gets one some time after release, maybe a year between expansions. If you're not playing at the latest expansion, you are locked out from much of the content, because most players will have moved on to the latest content.

Destiny 2 released its first expansion (Curse of Osiris) only 1.5 months after launch. I play on PC. I grudgingly paid my $30 for it, despite having just dropped $90 for Destiny....

Ok so in World of Warcraft, each new expansion opened up a new continent, nearly as large as the original map... In Curse of Osiris they gave us a new planet... Mercury... which was so tiny (1/6th the size of other planets) that they even disabled your speeder to force you to walk around so it would feel larger. I literally could not believe it, but it was worth it for the laughs it generated.
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Oni was one of the most ambitious games I've seen at the time. A shame it kinda loses steam midway, and controls were too ambitious for its time (perhaps the only mouse+keyboard game I had cramps from, and the PS2 version is even worse) because it kinda could have been on the same page as games like Shenmue or GTA3 (another example is Urban Chaos - it managed to squeeze a sandboxy 3D action game as a late PlayStation title, but as impressive as that was, it was too much for the engine built to work on mid-90s tech).

I'm playing Assassin's Creed 2, and there's places here and there that look the natural extension of some of the gameplay ideas in Oni, like sneaking on a guard from above. So, yeah, I think Bungie could try a return to the same ideas, only with more powerful hardware and controls to match that vision, and almost 20 years or so of additional experimentation in the genre.
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It's time for a Marathon reboot, Bungie. Make it so.
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Speaking of Bungie, I just recently got the new Mac mini (hoorah! My previous one dated from 2007), and found out that the Mac App Store had Pathways into Darkness, for OS X, for free, and I've been slowly and occasionally working my way through it. It's really something; it's very slow for a first-person shooter, and surprisingly difficult given that a) I've already played it all the way through, albeit over twenty years ago, and b) there's a very detailed walkthrough available online.
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Marathon is one of my all-time favourites, and I managed to lose even more time when I found the open source version of it a few years ago. But a reboot/update for a modern console would get another sale in my house at least.

Also, searching for the link above autocorrect took me to a search for budgie marathon instead, which steered me in directions I never thought I'd go.
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Please let Blizzard go next.

People, the Blizzard you knew doesn't exist anymore. It's long gone.. Bungie has remained a somewhat separate entity, which makes this split possible.

But Blizzard ? It's just Activision Blizzard now, sadly.
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