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Music for 18 Clarinets. Music for 8 Recorders. Quartet for Gold Bullion Coins. SOund Navigation And Ranging (SONAR) - for 20 vibraslaps. Music for 10 Hi Hats. Getasteten Tastenden (for 8 bows & 4 microphones). Triangular Mass.

SOUND X SOUND (17 min):

A film by Thomas Dyrholm, Anders Morre, Bjarke Underbjerg, Joachim Morre & Søren Kahr, which features the work of Danish composer Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard who turns sound inside out by multiplying instruments over and over again.


I try to reinvent the instrument from a constructive zero. Create new music and create new ways of listening, and I work with multiplication of sound as a way to make the wellknown sound dissolve and reappear as a new sound.
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Hi hat one wasn't bad, and the clarinets we interesting.
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I thought the hi hats would be a snazzy jazzy number with lots of swinging cool beats, maybe some brushed solos.

I was so disappointed, though it was still sort of cool like when a handful of friends beat a 50 gallon oil drum with sticks.
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The recorders were particularly maddening, but it takes an unexpected turn at some point.
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The vibraslaps were soooooooooo good.
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The clarinet piece had a definite Phill Niblock vibe to it.
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What, nothing for otamatones?
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A couple more pieces in this vein:

Science is Only a Sometimes Friend for eight glockenspiels (I heard this performed in a small, marble-lined room and it was intense)

Observations by Tristan Perich, known for his "1-bit Symphony"

My friend Juraj has a cool piece called Music for Music Stands worth checking out.

Less recent works: Vespers by Alvin Lucier (known for his notorious process piece "I Am Sitting In A Room")

Gyorgi Ligeti's Poeme Symphonique for 100 Metronomes
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With regard to mass recorder performances, I must say NO THANK YOU SIR

The other day I heard another grade-schooler say to my youngest daughter, "You know that song 'Baby Shark'? I can play it on my recorder!"

*Wilhelm scream*
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