Space-filling curves the hard way
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Wacław Szpakowski was a polish artist who made a series of complex drawings using one continuous line turning back on itself repeatedly. More examples viewable here; a few animated versions; some pages from his notebooks. (Those last three links are futzy embeddings from, which has Polish- and English-language info about his life and work.) More images still if you click on "IMAGES" at the top right of this page.
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Wow, these are so captivating. I just spent the last several minutes sitting at my desk saying "wow" out loud at various designs, and that was before I even got to the animations.
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oh wow, BLDGBLOG! Hadn't visited in too long.
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And Etch-a-Sketch hadn't even been invented yet...
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And to think I sometimes made fun of the people who obsessively drew elaborate mazes when we were kids.
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This reminds me of pre-colombian art motifs.
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Wow! So beautiful. And calming too. Thanks for sharing.
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These are so neat! Great find.
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Wow these are beautiful. They are actually even more complex than they appear at first glance and have lots of wonderful emergent patterns and optical illusions.

Thanks, cortex!
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I can imagine the auto industry scooping these to put on various panels and bits of trim.
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I didn't look at the URL or the page header of the main link before I started skimming the article. Then I landed on the paragraph:
It’s hard to exaggerate how interesting these are from an architectural point of view: labyrinths of a single line, suggesting possibilities for infinite complexity along single paths of circulation. Room after room after room, laid out along a sufficiently complex corridor, becomes a building as large as a city.
Unmistakable BLDGBLOG style. I haven't had a regular dose of that blog since I quit my RSS reader, now years ago.
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Embroidery. There's a lot of embroidery like this.
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Mesmerizing! I’m going to get a tattoo of one of these, just to drive my tattoo artist into madness.
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