Bunnies. It must be bunnies.
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"It's weird seeing a bunny … just kind of getting its head right into the side carcass of another rabbit and consuming meat," said Michael Peers, who wrote the paper. "It's kind of, I guess, not what you'd expect."

The paper referenced in the passage above, Scavenging By Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanus) In Yukon, Canada was published in the journal BioOne Complete by lead researcher Michael J. L. Peers (pictured in the first link hugging a a majectic-looking lynx), Yasmine N. Majchrzak, Sean M. Konkolics, Rudy Boonstra, Stan Boutin.

In it, the researchers detail their findings into an investigation of the meat-eating nature of snowshoe hares. According to the abstract: "Hares consumed meat from a variety of different species, including Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis), as well as the carcasses of hares. On one occasion, an individual repeatedly ingested feathers from a Spruce Grouse (Falcipennis canadensis) carcass. Scavenging by hares may result from food or nutrient limitations during winter months and appears relatively common when compared to other lagomorph species."

In an interview with National Geographic, Peers recounts his reaction to the discovery that hares dine on (and defend) carcasses during the winter months.

“It was shocking to see the first time,” says Peers, who believes the hares are boosting their protein intake during harsh times. “I had no idea they actually scavenge.”
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Squirrels eat lemming brains

Goddamn squirrels. People think they are all cute, then this happens.
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I'm idly wondering how often "scavenger" is a stop on the train to "carnivore". Those bunnies might simply be evolving.
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I thought it was well documented that most “herbivores” will eat meat either in times of stress or if it’s suddenly available due to IDK a tasty baby songbird plummeting to its doom in front of a grazing deer. It’s thought that our mostly frugivorous hominid ancestors started scavenging megafauna kills and that’s what eventually led to our omnivore status.
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One time my sister and I were out in her yard when we started hearing a crunching sound. When we investigated it turned out to be a cute little chipmunk - crunching the bones of the dead bird it was chowing down on.
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I wonder if Anyanka and Tim the Enchanter ever met?
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It's fascinating what critters eat - I remember being shocked/surprised when I saw a great blue heron stalk a mouse/vole/somesmallvarmint, and swallow it down! Herons also eat frogs and lizards - so, not just fish.
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This post reminded me of the book Bunnicula. That is all.
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My pet rabbit was known to steal pizza slices off the picnic table if you weren't watching. As I recall, she specifically went after the pepperoni.
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A friend of mine once saw a squirrel carrying the severed head of another squirrel.
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Protein is precious and expensive to make, and every animal has a budget where they have to have X many grams to repair their bodies every day. So pretty much no animal will turn down free protein when they are lacking.
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See? Killer Bunnies are real. Monty Python warned us....
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Given that we are talking about bunnies, have they considered that bunnies are entirely herbivorous but too stupid to be able to tell meat from plants?
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We know where this is heading.

Actually, that's not what I was expecting. Ah, memories (and confirmation).
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And carnivorous horses.
I read a newspaper clipping of a local sheep rancher that was finding dead lambs. The losses were such that the rancher decided to spend the night watching the sheep. That's how he found out it was one of his horses that was killing the lambs; going after the semi-digested milk in the lambs' stomachs.
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Growing up, my sister had a rabbit who preferred raw hamburger to carrots. It was a brief shock to my cartoon reality stream, but I've since recovered
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So we just saw Michael Healey's 1979 on Sunday and I can highly recommend it as a sharp, funny, and slightly fictionalized account of an afternoon on Parliament Hill right before a vote that led to the downfall of the blink-and-you'll-miss-them Tory government.

There's a prolonged segment near the end of the play where a character shares an extended metaphor about how politicians should govern. The metaphor rests on two, and only two, survival options available to some besieged bunnies. It now appears that there is a third option that might have been even more appropriate from that character's perspective.
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Life is fucking terrifying.

Have you seen the alternative?
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A friend of mine once saw a squirrel carrying the severed head of another squirrel.

Which might be why squirrels are disease vectors for CJD.
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My sister would feed her pet "lamb" bacon and egg sandwiches . ( It was not really a lamb anymore, pretty much a full grown Ewe and would jump on the sofa if it could get in the house.) Cindy, (IIRC) snuffled them down like the best thing on earth.
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excuse me waiter this has a hare in it
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In nature, herbivores are just bad hunters.

Which reminds me of a Werner Herzog (?) quote that goes something like: the birds aren't singing, they're screaming in pain and terror.
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Where does this take us? The distinction between vegetarians and carnivores is entirely artificial and man-made?
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Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!
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I think this line is mostly filler...
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