Aeneas Fleeing from Troy (c. 1750) / He-Man Fleeing from Troi (2019)
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Fun, and a lot of good tips in the travelling article. May I add my own suggestion of a Grid-It Cocoon organizer for cables, chargers and assorted bits and pieces?
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The post title undersells Jack Jack.
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I have opted for the diminutive in my rendering of “baby,” as the technical infans lacks the cuddly association of Eng. “baby” and, furthermore, implies that adult sharks have the power of speech despite the fact that scholarly consensus (pace Pixar) clearly holds that sharks cannot talk..

This is amazing.
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Eponysterical, too!
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As a young girl, my wife with her sister recreated Perseus and Andromache with Ken, Barbie, and the family dachshund, whose latter action role they attempted to encourage by means of chaining Barb to ersatz rocks made of dog biscuits.

The dog, apparently not feeling his part's motivation, did not cooperate and there are, alas, no pictures.
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I also enjoyed this one:

In particular:
“I’d like to invite you to walk that back”

What a useful phrase!
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I suspect those recreations stractually an excuse to buy more action figures.
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Every single line of the Eidolon pitch is sold fucking gold, but as somebody whose household was only recently freed from the tyranny of a certain show:

How Caillou and Paris normalize male whining
Shut up, both of you. Shut the fuck up.

reduced me to giggling out loud at my desk.
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It would be a fun game to be presented with toy version first and have to guess the original
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The summer after I graduated from high school I worked at a Go-Kart track and arcade. One day when it was slow I made the seven wonders of the ancient world out of arcade prizes (e.g. the statue of Zeus was a stack of round erasers with a smiley face stamp on top). Frankly my efforts were not as well-received as I think they deserved to be.
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This is great! I just sent it to my best friend, who has a Phd in classics and three children aged 5, 2, and 6 months.
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Evil-lynvidiosa, LOL!

I love this so much! This was the first year in a long time I didn't put up my Three Kens Day display on Three Kings Day.
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there's some fun stuff here for sure, but that first one from the first link (Saturn Devours His Son) just isn't remotely up to Goya's original. I mean, at least have the head and a few limbs off the son figure. I'm sure I would've done no less, age seven or eight.
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