Give a shit about workers’ rights
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Shit Solidarity: Magnetic Memes on Workers' Wages in Shitter Stalls MeFi’s duffell makes magnets bearing the ancient poem of worker solidarity (boss makes a dollar; I make a dime; that's why I shit on company time). These magnets include a URL,, which offers a brief spiel about income inequality and corporations' attempts to curtail workers' rights to pinch a loaf (drop anchor, lay cable, squeeze out a senator) on the job. [via mefi projects]
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Boss makes a dollar
I make four-tenths of a penny
I ride a bike
An' he rides a benny
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Did I ever tell y'all about a friend of mine who was once given an office (an IT office, of course) in a bathroom stall?
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I can hit the restroom pretty much whenever I want, buuuuuuuut my bathroom breaks count against my availability. I can shit on company time, but I'll pay for it.
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The one I heard was "Never sweat on company time, never take a shit on your own time". If you take that to heart, that means really holding it in on weekends...
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I can't recall where I saw it before (Mel magazine?) but there was some article along these lines.

I also remember at some point on PostSecrets someone having a postcard saying ,"I'm getting paid to poop!!!!"
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Corporate bathrooms are great places to leave, um, materials; one presumes that (most) employers don't yet have cameras in them.
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This seems to be a good time to link to Greg Nog’s definitive take on whether you should poop on the clock.
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