Cold? Try some "Spice on Snow."
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The Freight Hoppers: "Fort Smith Breakdown." Alex Kehler and Jeremiah McLane: "Le Pruneau" on accordion and nyckleharpa. Dana and Susan Robinson: "The Flying Farmer." Mike Merenda and Ruthy Unger: "1952 Vincent Black Lightning." Ida Mae Specker, Rachel Eddy and Brian Slattery: "Boil Them Cabbage Down" and "Big-Eyed Rabbit."
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Just saying.....missing mandolin.....but cannot access first link so maybe it'shidden there. Good stuff that's worth a listen!
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It’s in there. Keep looking...
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I can remember "Boil Them Cabbage Down" being sung at Grandma's house. (Although it wasn't as popular as "Take An Old Cold Tater And Wait.")
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Oh fuck yes, that fiddler in the first video taught me to play music. They're playing approximately twice as fast as it's supposed to be played, and that is a transcendent feeling.
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whereas the last video is approximately half speed. You can't really square dance to that.
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well, maybe I'm lying a little about half speed. It matters in this music.

Here's how it actually goes:

Tommy Jarrell and Fred Cockerham doing Big Eyed Rabbit, Round Peak style
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Oh hello, my people!
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The music is ... OK. But I really like these people, I wish they were my neighbors.
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Yay Montpelier! I don't usually get to see much of the Spice on Snow Festival, so it's great that there's video.

I go to old-timey jams whenever I can (which is unfortunately not that often), and I love playing with Dana Robinson. So much energy.
Last jam I played in was on the Sunday of the festival, and Dana & Susan were there, along with Rachel Eddy, the fiddle player from 'The Freight Hoppers', and others.

Dana is the executive director of The Summit School (of Traditional Music and Culture), which puts on the festival.
Here's two more from this year- Green Mountain Playboys & Kelli Jones & Joel Savoy
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