Osprey drops fish in shallow right field, charged with error
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An aerial scuffle between an osprey and a bald eagle above John Sessions Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida during the 8th inning of a baseball game between the Jacksonville Dolphins and the Jacksonville State Gamecocks resulted in a fish being dropped into center right field near second base. The commentator continued to call the action even as gameplay was temporarily halted.
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Happens all the time in hockey.
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Happens all the time in hockey.
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and people say baseball is boring.
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Rather than a can of corn into shallow right, it was a can of mackerel...
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But was the fish tagged out?
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A supercut of animal interference on MLB fields.

Warning, GuyZero's link is Randy Johnson's notorious exploding-bird pitch. (Here's the latest legal update about that, from the Onion.)
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“Stevens has the fish wrapped up in a towel and he makes his way back over to the home dugout.”

I tell ya, things have gone all weird ever since CERN first fired up the Large Hadron Collider.
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"The fish was recovered by a Dolphin"

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I happened to be out back of my house working on my car and listening to the radio broadcast of the World Series when the Loma Prieta earthquake hit. That made for a very dramatic shift in the mood of the broadcast.
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jamjam, I couldn't come up with the whole game, but this Archive link (can we just call it that, Jason?) includes about 30 seconds on either side of the quake from Jack Buck, who was on the mic for CBS radio at the time.
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This just bolsters my working thesis that bald eagles are over-hyped seagulls.
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Surely not the first time somebody lost their lunch eating stadium food.
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Thank you, mwhybark!
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Osprey vs. bald eagle battles were commonplace next to a playing field at my college. Almost always the ospreys were bringing fish back to their nests (hence their nickname, fishhawks) when an eagle (much larger, for those who don't know) would swoop in and harass them until the osprey dropped the fish.

(It's very much akin to how fast, graceful cheetahs bring down a gazelle, and then some jerk lion or hyena runs them off it.)

TL, DR: Bald eagles are dicks. (There's a metaphor about America in there somewhere.)

PS: Ospreys are gorgeous. Another nickname for them: Masked Avenger of the Skies!
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Bald eagles are dicks.

To be fair, they take a lot of shit from the ravens. You can understand they might be grumpy.
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I don't know that it's accurate to say that game play was halted. It looks to me that we're witnessing an application of the infield fish rule.
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To be fair, they take a lot of shit from the ravens. You can understand they might be grumpy.

Wait, are we still talking about birds?
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Previously in Florida baseball games interrupted by wildlife.
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One of the greatest Red Sox games on TV ever was the 2007 pizza-toss game. The basic facts are pretty boring and stupid - guy threw a slice of pizza at another fan, but the announcers just couldn't let it go and kept showing the toss in slow motion and from different angles, like some sort of pizza Zapruder film, while one of them, Don Orsillo, whom NESN stupidly fired and who is now in SD, had trouble just keeping things together.
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Oh, man. That pizza game gets me every time.
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Yep, bald eagles are assholes. They’re just majestic sea gulls really.
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In the halcyon days of my childhood, a favorite rite of spring was listening to Tigers radio announcers Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey liven up the team's Grapefruit League games by describing the osprey nests adorning the light towers at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland. I still tend to think of ospreys as "baseball birds".
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I love how on-task the commentator is. Like, "I will tell you where the object is on the field. I will tell you who is moving towards it. I will tell you who's carrying it, what they're carrying it in, and where they're going with it. Currently the object is a fish and not a baseball, but that does not fundamentally change my mission."
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It's nice that the announcer didn’t flounder in the moment.
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As someone who grew up in Jacksonville, I can tell you that this was probably only the 100th weirdest thing to happen in town on that day.
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Can anyone help me workshop a killer 20,000 Leagues of Their Own joke here please?
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Adamg, thank you so much for the pizza link, I am dying of laughter
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Earthquake World Series Broadcast first 6 minutes. Featuring a James Taylor song that features prominently in my personal favorites playlist ever since I discovered it from the same video. Something about how sweet and beautiful that song is, along with the sweet innocence of baseball, and the viewer is lulled into the pregame baseball rituals of reviewing lineups and key plays from previous games. Then, suddenly, video and audio breaks up, and the last thing you hear for a while is "we are having an earthquake".

When the audio comes back, wow, that crowd noise! It sounds like cheering, and maybe it is? Were people excited to be alive even? To have shared that common experience? Among the crowd noise do I hear crying?

And then the announcers are... enthusiastic?

Wikipedia rundown of the World Series earthquake

And then the tagline of the youtube video, "So what does it take to shut Tim McCarver up? An earthquake."

I love you all so much :)
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The Pepsi Fan of The Game is the guy beaned by a pizza. It reminds me of (the original) "Pizzagate" when an Arsenal player threw a pizza at Alex Ferguson. Soup was also involved, IIRC.
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