So pour a shot in my glass and I'll forget forever
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As someone who recently switched their daily drink from PBR (12.8 grams of carbs in 12oz.) to White Claw spiked seltzer (2 grams of carbs in 12oz.) this touches my heart. And my beer gut which is shrinking.
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yeah so i recently realized cannabis (LEGAL IN MY STATE THANKS) wasn't working for me anymore thanks to developing tolerance, so I decided to cold turkey for a couple weeks and go back to drinking.... FUCK THIS I WANT MY WEED BACK.
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It's like the Alpha Couple went into showbusiness.
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I've never enjoyed an ad so much!

The otter lady I quit the pot for a month, + -. When I next smoked, I got so high I couldn't get out of my chair - but I wasn't trying too hard. Quitting once in a while is a good thing.
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Maybe I‘m just getting this all wrong but it just reads like an ad for co-dependent relationships between alcoholics to me... (and I‘m from a beer friendly culture).

And I don‘t get the „don‘t need two hands to hold you“ line. The „explanation“ link says it refers to the carb free aspect of the beer. Meaning what, „I‘m glad you‘re not fat enough to require two hands, because I need one hand for my beer 24/7“?
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While I could see the germ of the darker ideas Omnomnom is talking about, they just aren't in the video. This is surprisingly cute and sweet. And I really like the idea of a beer commercial of all things using a bigger couple in a way that's charismatic and romantic. It's funny, but none of the humor has to do with their weight. They're just a nice, attractive couple in a silly music video for a pretty tight RnB song.
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Best beer commercial ever
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"I don't need two hands to play the flute"
[Plays flute one-handed, about as well as you would expect.]
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