Rest as Resistance
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I'll read this when I wake up in 20 minutes or so...
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I can't believe Mefi is sleeping on this post...

Thanks for posting, bq!
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From the first and second links:

"Hersey talks about naps the way some people might describe a spiritual experience—because for her, that’s what they are. “Sleep is such a vulnerable place, and I believe that when you rest, it’s a healing portal,” she says. “You have space to talk and vent, to hope, to dream. You can work things out you can’t work out when you’re awake.”

"If anyone should be sleeping, it’s Black people, when you consider how our ancestors built this country with their free labor and no rest. Reparations don’t have to look like a check; they can come in the form of rest. Rest is a healing portal into a space where things can be different, a place that’s sacred for you where you don’t have to deal with microaggressions."

I love her emphasis on rest as reparation. Others doing similar and much-needed work include Rest For Resistance and Black Power Naps.

For me, naps can also serve as "incubation spaces" for creative projects at all stages of the process. They help me get out of creative ruts, almost like a sleep-driven version of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies. Naps help me free up brain-space to think through paradoxes and organize ideas into coherent patterns. If I'm writing a piece and I get stuck, often I'll come back to it after a 20-minute nap and I can think clearly about it again.
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