The Rugged Road
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December 1934, Theresa Wallach and Florence Blenkiron left London for South Africa on 600cc single-cylinder Phelon & Moore Panther motorcycle with sidecar and trailer. They rode straight through Sahara desert without a compass in record breaking time, arriving in Cape Town in July 1935.

Wallach wrote about their journey in The Rugged Road.

The silent film reel documenting their journey is on youtube.
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Well that was a Long Way Down.
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I hope there will be more posts using the tag "unfortunate pith helmets". I love these kinds of stories.
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Like many field tested military items, the pith helmet is pretty darned useful. The US military uses them today.
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What a fascinating travel rig. You see people who can't even head to the woods for a weekend without a 35' land wag running a generator 24x7 and then you look at these women and the rig they crossed a continent with the long way.
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