Ultimate Ungulate, going strong for more than two decades
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Back in 1996, Brent Huffman noted that finding information and pictures of unusual animals online was far more difficult than he thought it should be. The empty niche of an all-encompassing ungulate site was readily apparent ... and so UltimateUngulate stepped in to fill the void, first as small personal project (April 1999 archive) to the present-day UltimateUngulate.com, from the Asian water buffalo, Addax, and Aders's duiker toWhite-tailed gnu aka Black wildebeest, wild yak, Zebra duiker, not to mention Pygmy hippopotamus, Water chevrotain and Visayan warty pigs.
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Linked previously, twice, but neither time in celebration of Huffman's own dedication.
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This is really cool, thanks for sharing. I really like how it looks. I miss the old web with labors of love like this.
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I had a job where we decided to name all our projects after hoofed mammals. It started with a discussion about whether we had a project named after a made up kind of goat (answer: yes) and quickly escalated to googling for lists of hoofed mammals and finding what I'm pretty sure was this site.
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I suppose this is where I share my astonishment at recently learning via yet another BBC wildlife special on Netflix that Wildebeests are a type of antelope.

I still can't decide whether the aforementioned astonishment is that they are an antelope, or that I somehow managed to proceed through 50 years on planet Earth without ever absorbing that particular fact until now.  
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I love this kind of site in general, whether its all the Kool-Aid flavors or all the ungulates. That said, wikipedia seems to be doing a pretty good job covering this topic by now. At least, if your topic is mammals. There's still a huge gulf between what is on wikipedia or most of the web versus what is in scientific publications about insects or other stuff like that.
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