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Internet sports statistical bard Jon Bois and partner Alex Rubenstein have showcased a number of statistical oddities on the SBNation show Dorktown. But for the tale of the 2014 Spurs-Mavericks series in the first round of the NBA finals, the two have gone to a new format - a digital comic book. (SLDorktown)
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this is great! it reads just like a chart party video.

the super aggressive switch-everything defense that the mavs played (and the mirrored version on offense featuring positionless scorers) ended up becoming the standard for the best teams in the league in the warriors era which followed this mavs/spurs series and ended just this past year. now with the warriors sidelined, we may go back to seeing more traditional bigs doing traditional big things, and the super smart teams are starting to rethink whether they are switching too much.

but this style is now firmly on the menu, and will be forever.
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The deliberately poor (I realize comic-book-esque) quality of the animated GIFs makes them very difficult for me to understand and remind me of "The Long Night."
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Now get them to do the Bulls/Sonics series.
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man, I just a few days ago reread the entirety of the genuine masterpiece that is 17776 and thinking that any larger amount of jon bois-related content in the world makes for that much better a world. this certainly contributes further to that feeling
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This is great, and makes me want to see them tackle the 2007 Bulls/Celtics series that saw a ridiculous number of overtimes and remains a video record of Joakim Noah at his absolute peak, including the moment when he ripped Paul Pierce’s soul from his body.

But mostly it makes me miss Free Darko...
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