Emerson Lake and Waluigi
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Thomas Game Docs looks at the music that inspired Koji Kondo to create some of the most memorable music for the super mario bros and zelda games. *Bonus* The Nintendo Special Big Band performance at the 2017 Nintendo Switch Experience
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this is legit mindblowing. i had NO IDEA. wow. also, today i learned what citypop is and that i love it. you think the katamari damacy music is influenced by citypop at all? heh

(if i had written some of those original bass lines i might be a bit annoyed by this....? or maybe i'd be stoked that something i wrote had become so iconic...but 99.9% of people would never know i'd written it and also i never saw a dime from it. huh. pretty sure Deep Purple did okay though.)
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you think the katamari damacy music is influenced by citypop at all? heh

Excellent Video on Katamari's Music and shows its influences from citypop and Shibuya-kei
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oh nice! Can't wait to dive into CityPop. Any recommendations where to start?
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DOOM Songs That Sound Familiar
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Great video!

@rebent - There are countless City Pop compilations on Youtube, so I would recommend listening through a few of them and picking out artists from there to dig deeper.
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Been jammed to this Playlist and today

Oh, and one of the songs is also on this mix that I've been listening to forever!
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I love that 1976 Plantasia album of "warm earth music for plants and the people who love them." It's like the soundtrack of some SNES JRPG you haven't played yet.
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