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Cartoonist Lucy Knisley (previously, previously, and others) has chronicled the life, agonies, opinions, and antics of her beloved cat, Linney, for years. (many more Instagram links inside)

Linney has many fans. Linney enjoys chairs. Linney loves bisque. Linney rides in a backpack! Linney sings a mournful poop song. Linney dislikes dogs. Linney wants the forbidden waters. Linney hunts socks. Linney is SAD and SO LONELY. Linney gradually adjusted to the new baby as he got bigger and bigger, even sharing his bed.

But Linney has been getting older and frail, and a few days ago Linney bid farewell to this realm, chronicled in a moving tribute.

Safe travels, Linney.
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Oh, that last comic. Wonderful.
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These are adorable, thanks for posting!
(One tip for the clumsy and/or forgetful like me: don’t forget to scroll to the right or click the arrow *that is almost invisible on white* grrr)
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I ran across the moving tribute last night, having followed the escapades of Linney for years and knowing of the cat's decline, but having missed the last few days.

I don't know if I've ever spontaneously cried over a cat I never met before, but I did last night.
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Linney had a spirit similar to our cat Arwyn. Linney was truly a best cat.
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Exactly. Which is to say I went through this with Comma our cat last month, and she got it perfectly.
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this is a good and well-organized post about an important thing
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I will miss Linney; does anybody have a link to the cartoon where she was diagnosed with adult acne? That was always one of my favourites.
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how sweet. big fuzzy cats are the best cats, except for all the others which are equally best.

mine just turned approximately 7ish (birthdate unknown) and i am deeply not looking forward to her decline.
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I also most love the Linney comic where she is diagnosed with adult acne! And horrible teeth and and and

Linney was a fabulous cat, and I too miss her softness.

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"Sufficient unto the day is the evil therein."

I lost my beloved older kitty at the end of last year, and man oh man, this could have been her thought as she turned away from a bite of fresh-roasted chicken. That tribute was really hard to read and really, really accurate.

(I have a new kitten now who adores me in a painfully obvious and dorky way, and it helps a lot, but I still miss my girl.)
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*wipes the tears away*
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I sobbed over this cat yesterday.
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My cat is 16, and she's still quite sturdy and lively (she's brought me two mice this month and ate at least one more), but I know that probably won't last for much longer and like others, I am not looking forward to it :(
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My girlfriend and I cried pretty hard when we saw that Linney had died. It's been just over a year and we still really aren't over the death of my cat Molly. I've never cried over an Internet cat before. I don't know that I've cried over an Internet anything before.
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I thought about doing an FPP for this. I sobbed over Linney yesterday morning.
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I think I have cried over this cat I wasn't even familiar with until recently at least three times (including right now) but really I know I am crying over the 17 year old love of my life who is luckily still with me for now.
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We just lost our 13 year old Clio on Thursday and this hit pretty close to home.
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I've followed Lucy Knisley's work for more than 10 years now, and I believe this (scroll down to 2009, about halfway down the page) was Linney's very first appearance in her comics.

It's certainly when she got her name! (Named after John Linnell of They Might Be Giants! I have a friend with a cat named Flansburgh and I always wished they could meet. Sadly, it'll now have to be in kitty heaven.)
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Well shit, I had just *stopped* crying today, and then I read that last comic :(
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I have 30 minutes of work left and now there are tears in my eyes.
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The most splendid cat I knew but never met; rest in power, Linney.
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