shoving his bottlenose dolphin sister out of the way
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Researchers Document First Known Case of Dolphin Mom Adopting Whale Calf []

Scientists "observed a bottlenose dolphin caring for a young melon-headed whale over a period of more than three years. This apparent adoption, unusual in and of itself, was made all the more striking by the fact that the bottlenose already had a biological baby; typically, dolphin mothers only care for one calf at a time."

Abstract of article in Ethology - Cross‐genus adoptions in delphinids: One example with taxonomic discussion
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"The melon-headed male"

I have to make sure Mrs Abehammerb doesn't see this moniker. She's vicious about my hat-stretcher.
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"We also propose that the adoptee’s persistence in initiating and maintaining an association with the adult female bottlenose dolphin could have played a major role in the adoption’s ultimate success..."

*sigh* "Fine, you can be a dolphin too, just stop moaning!!"
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TIL: Female bottlenoses have been known to kidnap calves of other species—likely in an attempt to foster unfulfilled maternal instincts—but such relationships rarely last.

Dolphins are fascinating.
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It's sad that her dolphin baby disappeared though.
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That one whale who's got a higher-than-normal voice that's destined to be alone forever: "Oh come on!"
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