Once upon a time, in the last MAD magazine...
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A spoof of a fiction within a fiction fronted by a fictional prop? "[He] knew just what he wanted when he sought a fake TV Guide cover to feature in his movie “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.” His art direction read: “Smirking Jake Cahill [sitting] on a horse, who is also smirking. There is a mule in tow … eyes are bulging and legs are buckling under the weight.”

(I usually can't stand Tarantino's "highly curated taste", but as an avid reader of more years of MAD than I've been alive, thought this was seriously cool.)
[via the artist's blog]
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As a big Jack Davis fan, I have to admit — I did a double take. That was serious channeling of the master.
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Steve Chorney did those fake DiCaprio posters for an ad agency I work for. Very cool to see an illustration legend at work.
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I saw Once Upon a Time on Sunday and I'm still kinda reeling from all the setpieces, props, references, tv broadcasts and movie clips that were woven into it. Have a feeling people are going to be digging up little easter eggs for years to come.
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