Ghosts in the (Genetic) Code, in living bonobos and Denisovan fossils
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Genes from an extinct “ghost ape” live on in modern bonobos (Ars Technica). Because apes have their natural habitat in the trees of the rainy tropical forest, with an acidic soil where the organic matter decomposes very quickly, the fossil record for our closest relatives is poor, but genetic data in living bonobos could help fill in gaps (BioTech Spain, paywalled Nature Ecology & Evolution article). Similar, but different: earlier this year, David Gokhman summoned a ghost, using information for 32 skeletal features encoded in DNA that was extracted from a pinky bone. DNA reveals first look at enigmatic human relative, providing more details of the physical structure of Denisovans (National Geographic; full article from Cell).
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Did somebody say neander... Oh shit nope Denisovan. Carry on! *scoots out of thread*
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We're all related, more or less. You're welcome here! :)
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Holy shit... so that means bonobos... are part ghost. No wonder they're always turning translucent and floating through walls at me
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Incidentally, "Bonobo Ghost Code" is the name of my new band.
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And of my next git-branch
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I’d like to see the supposed Denisovan dressed as a contemporary human. It looks like you wouldn’t look twice on the bus, but maybe my imagination is deficient.
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