Movie Poop Shoot
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Movie Poop Shoot started its web life last year as an in-joke (warning: work-unsafe imagery) for Kevin Smith's film Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, but it recently underwent a rather major overhaul. Now it's an all-encompassing pop-culture news and opinions site, focusing mostly on movies, but also touching on TV, video, music, comics and toys. The contributors who write the many weekly columns are knowledgeable and entertaining, and the site feels sort of like Ain't It Cool News minus the atrocious design and grade-school level writing. Add to that some of the funniest headlines I've seen in a while and The Porn Star Quote Of The Week and you've got a new daily visit for this geek.
posted by toddshot (12 comments total)
Actually, "clever" headlines for news items can be highly distracting.
posted by donkeyschlong at 5:13 AM on July 13, 2002

Has anyone read Smith's Green Arrow series? If so, is it worth anything? I haven't bought or read comics for a few years and last I did it was all about Eightball.
posted by engelr at 6:35 AM on July 13, 2002

Yeah, you're right toddshot, this is a lot better. I like the Kevin Smith diary, too.

thanks for the link!
posted by jerseygirl at 6:41 AM on July 13, 2002

Thanks for the link, todd. I for one will never say no to more Kevin Smith-related content.
posted by jonmc at 8:13 AM on July 13, 2002


Though it sounds like they are not going to actually use Legos, just cgi. Too bad.
posted by piskycritter at 8:52 AM on July 13, 2002

i love kevin smith, i do. but has anyone else noticed the definite 'boys' club' feeling there? maybe i'm just overreacting, but i couldn't find a female contributor to save my life.

please, oh please don't let this become an indie maxim.
posted by amandaudoff at 11:53 AM on July 13, 2002

amandaudoff, it's been my experience that a lot of so-called "boys club" type scenes- record collector scenes, indie film, zines, sports, the web actually would love to have more of a female presence. It's by no means always true, but we'll surprise ya, I think. If there isn't a female presence there now, why dont'cha add one?
posted by jonmc at 12:25 PM on July 13, 2002

i was actually thinking abut submitting something. we'll have to see how it goes over...
posted by amandaudoff at 3:51 PM on July 13, 2002

I kind of like too for well written movie stuff by knowledgeable folks.
posted by Duug at 3:57 PM on July 13, 2002

engelr -- the Kevin Smith run on Green Arrow, especially the first 12 issue arc ("Quiver") is exceptional, if a bit overly steeped in DC Comics mythology. Quirky dialogue, good exposition and great art by Phil Hester and Ande Parks make it one of the best reads in the past couple of years, imho.
posted by brand-gnu at 10:37 AM on July 16, 2002

This is just another in a endless line of "Ooooh! Look how clever and cynical we are! Love us, fanboys!"

Damn you, Suck! You started this trend!
posted by mark13 at 8:08 AM on July 17, 2002

but has anyone else noticed the definite 'boys' club' feeling there

Why is the reaction always to whine about this as opposed to being involved? Sheesh.
posted by owillis at 8:14 AM on July 17, 2002

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