I watched Suspiria for soundtrack inspiration.
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Beyoncé also watched Suspiria (the new one) for some inspiration too, it seems.
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oh wow, Dead Ringers. The summer before college, I think, my family was away but I was home. They were probably on a boy scout trip. I stayed up all night and in the wee hours of the morning this film came on TV. Probably cable TV. The plot of the movie turned my stomach, in the same way that staying up all night does.

To this day when I stay up all night it makes me think "now would be the perfect time to watch a really messed up movie." And when I do see a messed up film, I think "Man, it's not late enough in the night to watch something like this yet."
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god i wish i had the budget to make my home look like Suspiria
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can someone make a seafood restaurant and use The Lighthouse for the interior design inspiration?
like long john silvers meets mama fratelli's hideout in the goonies meets the great old ones
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-5 for not going to the theater and seeing Parasite!
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No Abominable Dr. Phibes? Fail.

That film single-handedly made me want to systematically murder my way through a list of people in campy, over-the-top fashion between dancing with stylishly attired demonic Virginia North to a clockwork jazz band in a deco ballroom wonderland and commuting in a glamorous car with the rear windows blocked by artful monochrome photos of my face. And I'd get away with it, too, until eventually sailing down the River Styx in triumph while anachronistically singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."

"Don't worry, darling—it's not the end of the world."
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Not a fan of the genre in general, but this article made me want to watch horror films!
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I just named a new species of fish (in part) after Suspiria, thanks to the color scheme (paper currently in review).
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-5 for not going to the theater and seeing Parasite!

Bit hard to do if it's not playing in theaters.
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