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Huey Lewis returns with a new album — and a new outlook on life Nineteen years since his last album and two years after being diagnosed with Ménière’s disease (which causes his hearing to fluctuate from nonexistent to the “really good”), Huey Lewis is back with the News and releasing a new album, Weather. Check out the single from the album, "While We're Young", which would've felt right at home on Sports or Fore.
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I had the good fortune to see Huey Lewis and the News live about four years ago and they still sound just as amazing as they did in the 1980s. They've been working on this album for a while because they played "While We're Young" at the concert. I've had a bootleg soundboard MP3 on my playlist for a few years now and am very glad to get a real studio recording of it now.
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Oh man, Ménière’s is no joke. I was misdiagnosed with it by an ENT and he basically said "yeah, your hearing is going to go and you're not going to be able to stand up straight" and I wigged out, as one would do when presented with that information. Eventually I read up on the disease and realized that he had diagnosed me without verifying all three hallmarks - tinnitus (which I had), vertigo (which I did not have), and low frequency hearing loss (which I also did not have.) So I calmed down and never went to him again. Dude also claimed to have invented the cochlear implant, which he had not.
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I grew up on Huey. My dad was a huge fan and so I was. He said he saw Huey about five years ago and he still put on a hell of a performance. As a kid my best friend would invite me over and his parents would most often play Sports on cassette whenever they drove us somewhere (I don't think they had many tapes).

Ménière's disease can be debilitating. My uncle was diagnosed and had to quit his job in tech because computer monitors triggered his dizziness. He had to move in with his parents taking care of my dying grandfather before retraining as a nurse (which sadly he never got to continue as he died from cancer shortly after completing his degree). Anyone working through that has all my love.
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Fun song! Thank you for the links!
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Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.
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He looks great for 69. Must have found a new drug.
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I did manage to finally hear him on RAGBRAI a few years back, and he was pretty good, although his voice was starting to get shaky and out of tune on the last couple of numbers.
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They did a segment on him on CBS Sunday Morning last weekend. I hate to admit it, but I'd never made the "newspaper" connection.
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Stormy Weather? No, that was Peter Gallagher's role in Short Cuts.
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I had a dream that no one would make an American Psycho reference, but I see it will go unfulfilled.
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If we have to make American Psycho references, let's let Huey make one himself.
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Her Love is Killin' Me is a banger. What a sad situation for someone who dedicated their entire career to music.
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I’ve always loved this band for the pleasant and memorable time I had with one of their 80s groupies.

And, ‘I Need A New Drug’ spoke to me.

And, it was nice to see them reviewed in American Psycho, an era movie that also spoke to me.
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I gained a newfound respect for Huey Lewis after reading Huey Lewis’s Old, Weird America. Interesting note - "While We're Young" is actually mentioned in that article!
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