Cannibal mermaids?
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Amy Discovers Jo's AO3 Handle And Drags Her In The March Family Groupchat.
Amy: “When John’s sister is hospitalized with a potentially fatal case of pneumonia, he and Sherlock pay her a visit in the hospital. When his sister’s wife assumes that he and Sherlock are a couple, will he face the truth? Or continue living a lie?”
Beth: wait when did she post this
Amy: uhm February 2011
Beth: are you fucking kidding me that’s when i got pneumonia
Beth: i almost died
Amy: ya i was there i remember
Beth: did she literally write sherlock holmes fanfiction about the time i got pneumonia and almost died

Hat tip to The Rec Center.
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this fic read both me and Little Women very hard and I loved it
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As a soi-distant progressive parent with infosec sensibilities this had me shaken. Whatever your gender identity is, whatever your predilections are? They’re OK, that’s OK. You’re my kid, you’re my family, I love you and I’m here for you. But letting somebody else use your phone? What the hell, didn’t I raise you better than that?
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I'm glad I read this, thanks.
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“Weep, Little Lion Man” its from 2011

it sure is
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SNAPE/HERMIONE FIC of course ahahahaha

Amy is basically the only little woman I like, but I understand that that's bad of me? I am the youngest in my family.
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oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddd what an absolute gift. that was absolutely written by someone who loved homestuck. what a joy what a treat
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Thank you!!! Ihave had this open in a tab to fpp to metafilter since it first posted my adhd brain because it made me shriek with laughter and also go yes, the hearts. I only wish it was on AO3 so I could give it all the kudos.
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As someone who used fanfiction extensively to explore and figure out my gender identity and sexuality, I have read this essay approximately eleventy-billion times and felt completely, deliciously, Seen.
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lol ok frued
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> Meg: I would never have expected Hermione to fall for a stodgy old professor, it seems very out of character for her

oh this is very good
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> BETH has changed the name of THE MARCH SISTERS GROUPCHAT

oh my goodness I'm crying
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Uh, hat tip to vibratory manner of working also!

Like Joe in Australia, "lol OK frued" killed me
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Beth: so i’m truly the only one who cares that she is writing romantic fanfiction about the 538 podcasters
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That line had me cackling annathea.
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I have never read Little Women, in much the same way that I have never consumed a lot of media about which I have read fan fiction (but I have read several Toast articles that cover the ground pretty well) and this was delightful.
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This was awesome. Thank you.
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I just caught on to the several different levels that Meg's line works on. Genius.
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I needed this, thank you for posting it!
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My daughter used to write Harry Potter fanfic and is now on Sherlock Holmes. So it seems like she's right on track developmentally. Eagerly awaiting the cannibal mermaid phase.
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this was great :) so funny and yet also so fundamentally kind
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*chef's kiss*
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i just googled karkat and i think its a boy

As someone who got into fic and ended up adjacent to a bunch of homestucks I feel this so very much. (And also as someone who read Little Women approximately one hundred times before the age of thirteen, and finally saw the new movie Sunday - and ugh! so good! - I am living for this.)
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