How a cutscene is assembled
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The game Bloodborne (a few previouslies: here, here, and here) uses a number of cutscenes to convey important story information and set the mood before its boss battles. In this YouTube video, Lance McDonald uses a heavily modified version of the game to enable a developer feature that allows free camera movement at any time. He reveals a number of impressive stage-magic tricks of perspective, lighting, and prop movement (normally obscured by the camera's viewport) that combine together to create the seamless cutscenes entirely in the game's engine. Spoilers for the game throughout.

There is a similar treatment for Dark Souls 3 here. McDonald's channel is a treasure trove of similar behind-the-scenes information about Fromsoft's Souls series, including hidden and cut features for games across their catalog.
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Blood Bourne is a metaphor for cutscene trickery, then?
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See also: the YouTube series Boundary Break which has also been doing this to video games for almost four years now. Some of it is done by the channel owner, some is collected/donated by others. In fact, his episode on Bloodborne uses some things from McDonald's video.
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