Taking Over the Democratic Party, with Friends
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This post was inspired by several comments by Your Childhood Pet Rock, in Marketing His Way to Monopoly, on Michael Bloomberg’s run for the U.S. Democratic presidential nomination.

Rock links to an article on ”How to Take Over Your Local Democratic Party Step by Step”. That article should come with at least a couple of disclaimers. The procedures and names of the entities involved are not exactly the same in all localities. But the general outline is probably applicable throughout the country.

The article makes a point of getting like-minded people together. In many areas, there are already like-minded people you can join and work with. Groups vary in how much they work inside the party, but here is where you can find other leftists, and working inside the party is the way to change the party. Some progressive groups, such as certain caucuses, are organizations within state Democratic parties.

National groups, most with local units.
* Democratic Socialists of America,
* Indivisible,
* Justice Democrats,
* Our Revolution,
* Progressive Change Campaign Committee>,
Progressive Democrats of America,
* Working Families Party,

State groups:
* Alaska Progressive Network,
* Arizona Progressive Democratic Caucus,
* California -- Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party,
* Colorado -- Progress Now Colorado (not member driven, bu an “online progressive advocacy organization”,
* Delaware --
Progressive Democrats for Delaware,
* Florida -- Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida ,
* Kansas -- Progressive Caucus of the Kansas Democratic Party,
* Michigan -- Progressive Caucus of the MDP ,
* Minnesota -- Progressive Caucus of the Minnesota DFL,
* Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus,
* New Jersey -- NJDSC Progressive Caucus,
* New Mexico -- Adelante Progressive Caucus of the NMDP,* New York State Democratic Committee Progressive Caucus,
* North Carolina -- Progressive Caucus of the NCDP,
* Pennsylvania State Democratic Progressive Caucus,
* South Carolina Democratic Party Labor/Progressive Caucus,
* Utah -- Progressive Caucus of the Utah Democratic Party, and
* Washington State Progressive Caucus.

For good measure, these are progressive but with a different focus.
* Local Progress (works on progressive solutions to local issues) and
* State Innovation Exchange (works on progressive legislation for states).
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I'm almost done reading "Politics is for Power" by Eitan Hersch - summary here - and this is the kinda thing he thinks people should be doing.
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Also reading Hersch's PIFP, about 2/3 the way through, heartily endorse it, hope it's something every progressive reads and acts on (and that most conservatives never find it, they're already better organized than progressives anyway).

If I were making my own summary: the practical act of bringing individuals into a coalition based in relationships and an understanding of where their personal needs meet policy is a good basis -- maybe the basis -- for political power. The work is more like building friendships and networks, less like broadcasting messages or arguing someone into your position.
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Hell yeah
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If I might bump my own project, I work for an organization called the National Democratic Training Committee that provides free training for Democratic candidates, campaign staff, and local leaders. We have a free online academy, as well as free in-person training events in all 50 states.
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(The link to the Washington State Progressive Caucus accidentally has a space in the href attribute which causes firefox to 🤷, just FYI.)
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Another national group with local units: Sunrise Movement.
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I can confirm the National Democratic Training Committee as being an awesome, awesome organization, doing great work. Absolutely stellar training, and helping out with a real need in the party.
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(and the link to the "Minnesota -- Progressive Caucus of the Minnesota DFL" is a duplicate of the Michigan link above it. I think that this is the correct link!)
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Ugh, I had several typos. Thanks for the catches.
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Jesus, I wish everyone wasting time posting memes on social media would spend half as much time doing actual real live politics. This is a great resource. Even if I do just end up using it to bait the armchair quarterbacks hogging up my Facebook feed.
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Mod note: per a member flag, I've changed "... the entities involved are exactly the same" to "... the entities involved are not exactly the same"; please let me know if this is NotCorrect, NotLost. :)
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