Seashells glued to Jesus
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Based on worldwide reader submissions, the Tumblr blog Shifty Thrifting has been collecting ridiculous secondhand items since May 2013. The admins have their fave categories of thrift store finds. But maybe you prefer housewares and home decor, like this pair of unusual lamps? Or tshirt designs? How about a rainbow-pooping panda? Or slogans, whether mysterious or over-the-top?
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Related: Retrotech YouTuber LGR has a semi-regular segment on his channel called LGR Thrifts, where he explores local secondhand shops for odd tech and old games. While he mostly focuses on that side, he routinely finds odd things at these shops that makes the mind boggle.
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I can almost smell the rust and must and rot in these places.
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If you enjoyed the linked Tumblr blog, you may want to check out/follow the Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared page on Facebook.
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vomit clocks!
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This thing is cursed -- it's compelling to keep looking. Can. Not. Stop.
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Let me guess... you're all browsing the photos with a stream of consciousness that goes something like this:

"That is so hideous... that is so disturbing... that is kind of cool... what the fuck was that even for ... what sick freak would even design that... oh my God I must find myself one of those...."
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I kind of want the cat marionette...
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Seashells glued to Jesus
ridiculous secondhand items
unusual lamps
rust and must and rot
vomit clocks
cat marionette
the demon of mild comfort

These all belong in the recent "would make a good user name" Metatalk thread.
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Had to stop at the whole basket of "collectable" (quotes mine) clowns. For obvious reasons.
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I never pictured Jesus being so mussel-bound.
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I would tot-ally buy this.

"What's for dinner?"


"Ok. Geez. Do you have to shout it every. Single. Time?"

"The cookbook TOT! me to shout it."

"Stop shouting."
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Let TOT all out
These are the TOTS! I can do without
Come on
I'm TOTing to you
Come on
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