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While social distancing, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down rehearsed for 5 hours before filming a synchronized Zoom video for their new song, Phenom.
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Awesome :)
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That was dope.
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Huh, I'd like to hear more about this. I saw the video shortly after it came out and assumed it was at least edited so the shots were all synchronous. If this was unedited it's even more impressive.
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Wow, that's great - thank you for posting it!
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Pretty cool.

Hmm, anyone know how they can control where someone's webcam is in the gallery view? I haven't been able to figure that out myself.
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Cool! But it would be even cooler if the boxes became cat jungle gyms.
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Yep, that was pretty neat. I too am curious about what editing occurred here. Either way, this just reinforces my appreciation for Thao’s creativity.
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Looks cool but I can't understand a word of it.
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Oh hell yes. This is a JAM and the video fills me with the happiness of watching people be really, joyfully, creatively good at something.
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That was great, thank you!
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I've been so politely at the bottom
Pull it tight boot strap
Strap it on and top em
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It seems that there was no fancy editing going into this, they did it by playing a click track before the music and having everyone clap to synchronize their playback.


Very cool stuff, thank you for sharing
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The bit at about 1:06 with the falling between tiles was terrific.
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Each time I am amazed how, just when I think Thao couldn’t make her next album any weirder, she does.
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