Graffiti Rock: a look back at the future of hip-hop from 1984
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"Well party people in the place to be, you just tuned into the #1 crazy-fresh show we call Graffiti Rock." A snapshot of 1984, something like Soul Train for hip-hop, except only the pilot was made. Featuring Run D.M.C., Kool Moe Dee, Shannon, and New York City Breakers. Despite being a one-off show, it had a lasting impact (New York Times), with the Beastie Boys sampling Michael Holman's presentation, and Arsonists & Non Phixion recreated the set for the video of "14 Years Of Rap," then parodied in Gnarls Barkley's video for "Run." Bonus: DVD extra features, with 42 minutes of vintage footage.
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Don't try this on your Dad's stereo. Only under hip-hop supervision.
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Debi Mazar and Vincent Gallo were dancers on that show.
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Thanks, cazoo.

Watched the first 2 minutes and I was like...."Was that.....what's her name?"
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Thanks for those notes. I found this referenced from the (currently unavailable!) Questlove live mix tribute to the Beastie Boys samples, and he was stumped on naming Debi and Vincent for a moment.

If this is your jam, Michael Holman (personal site) put up a Kickstarter for the 30th anniversary re-release with a new Hip Hop documentary "Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story." I don't see much info for that documentary, but here's an hour long interview with Holman from We All Be TV.
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