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Robert Rising is a vegetarian who mills his own grains, while also being proficient in antique restoration. In 2004, he set out to build his own house out of local wood, leading him to to start NYCitySlab (don't miss the blog!), a company operated and run by Rising and dedicated to saving fallen trees and rescuing and recycling beautiful slabs. Rising recently started a YouTube series called Conversations with Blacklumberjack that is well worth a watch.
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I've always wondered why there aren't more businesses like this. I'm a facility manager, and I see firsthand how much useful wood is thrown out from construction and landscaping projects. The photos of Mr. Rising's wood piles are beautiful, gorgeous old wood just waiting for its next use.
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I would love to get a mill, even a chainsaw mill, to have ready for when big trees go down around here. Doubly so when a big tropical front passes. So much good wood chiped or cut to firewood size for the cleanup crews to take to the landfill.

I've made some slab/staked furniture recently and it is so approachable and rewarding.

I need to make a move. Get busy living or get busy dying and all that.
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