Baby Sea Otter Live Stream
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Joey is an orphaned sea otter pup currently in care at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.
Watch him here.
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Otterfilter is always the best of the web.
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Oh that's too sad, he wants a mom to cuddle with. The pillow's not responding :-(
posted by anadem at 10:59 PM on August 4

Just "adopted" him on behalf of my niece. Hopefully she and I will have the chance to visit otters together someday in honor of Joey. Thanks for sharing.
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Visible otters!
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omg i lurb himb.
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Haha got a “404”. Joey is offline for otter maintenance.
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'Locating Otter... Please Stand By'

Please hurry. I needs bebbeh otter.
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Also, they have a seal called Sealy Dan.
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He’s back!
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I really hope Shedd Aquarium in Chicago gets the idea to do the same with putting a camera on the baby rescue Otters they have. All the Otters at the Shedd Aquarium are rescue. I learned that the difference between rescue and rehab is the age of the animal found in distress. As all Otter behaviour is learned behaviour; when you get one that is a baby: you got it for life as it cannot be put back in the wild. Rehab on the other hand is adult Otters in distress who can be stabilized and reintroduced, as they already know how to be a wild one.

Shedd has been involved in Otter rescue since the beginning of the Oceanarium exhibit opening. The first Otters that came in were from the Exxon Valdez spill. Shedd actually loaned staff to the rescue center in Alaska recently which also does Otter rehab.

Also, it is really expensive to take care of Otters. They require a very varied diet and are not happy eating only a few things.

I have more Otter facts .... but I will stop now!!
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All the Otters at the Shedd Aquarium are rescue

This is true of the adults at the Seattle Aquarium and all the sea otters at Monterey Bay Aquarium (though one was apparently at Sea World first…) I’m not sure about other aquariums, but I wonder if it’s a norm.
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(Speaking of, it looks like the Monterey Bay otters are showing off some parent-child dynamics. Not sure for how long, though.)
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Actually Monterey Bay has had very good results with raising and returning baby otters to the wild, but you need otter foster moms and they are a limited resource.
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Squee! Its nap time right now!
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He had a nice little grooming session and now it's back in the crib I guess!
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