Penguin of the year 2020: vote early, vote often
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Elections are on everyone's mind in the US, New Zealand and beyond. Advance voting has now started for the Penguin of the Year. Personally I'm voting for Flip, who "knows how to penguin well."

Radio New Zealand covers the story. As does the New Zealand Herald. Even more at the National Aquarium of NZ Facebook page, also home to regular Penguin of the Month updates.

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I'm team Pepper. He has a gallant to his stance I like.
posted by hippybear at 9:35 PM on October 5

this made my day. I'm team Captain (though Mr Mac a close second). I had no idea penguins were such jerks!
posted by tamarack at 10:01 PM on October 5

Has Opus retired undefeated? I remenber when he debuted and blew Tennessee Tuxedo and Chilly Willy away.
posted by oneswellfoop at 10:12 PM on October 5

(New Zealand are also having human elections soon)
posted by Merus at 10:23 PM on October 5

Very early in the lockdown I mail-ordered a case each of oil-packed tuna and white anchovies in cans. I still have most of them left.

Now all I can think about is if I could coax some of these champions into sitting in my lap with fishy treats. Friendliest pengo wins!
posted by Anoplura at 11:03 PM on October 5

(New Zealand are also having human elections soon)

I cannot vote in those!
posted by hippybear at 11:04 PM on October 5

They are all such good penguins!
posted by The Underpants Monster at 12:48 AM on October 6

Perfect example of bad autocorrect Burny is clearly Bunny. * exit muttering under my breath Bunny clearly rules and might just fuck yo shit up if you disagree *
posted by pipoquinha at 12:56 AM on October 6

Burny would have won
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Betty could be a poster penguin for too many hetero relationships. Work your feathers off to be a decent soul, have peace in the home, and keep your partner from being a degen, and get called a goody two-shoes for your troubles.

DTMFA, Betty! There’s a burrow for you on Crone Island!
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Burgess Meredith as a write-in candidate.
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Quite a battle in my house as my kid likes dark horse Timmy and I want Mo to finally win.
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I want Mo to finally win.

I have made my feelings on Mo plain.
posted by Parasite Unseen at 9:10 AM on October 6

I'm in favor of identifying and nominating this anonymous hero. He precisely represents my reaction to the year 2020.
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I take great personal delight in pronouncing “penguin” as “peng-gyoo-win” instead of the usual American “peng-gwin.”
posted by The Underpants Monster at 5:14 PM on October 6

Follow up: Captain won (link goes to the @AquariumNZ tweet). Text below for non-users of Twitter:

National Aquarium of New Zealand
Penguin of the Year 2020 as voted by you. There'll be many happy Captain fans out there, we’d like to acknowledge our other worthy finalists, Mo & Burny.
Thanks to all from around the world who voted, there were over 15,000 votes!
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