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Homestar Runner has a new cartoon for Halloween! If you still have a way to play it, there is even a Flash version! Side effects may include zig-zaggéd pants, large bean, clichéd parodies and playing in a band.
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Hot damn! Thanks for posting this
posted by DoctorFedora at 11:40 PM on October 28 [2 favorites]

New Homestar Runner YAAAYY!
posted by darkstar at 12:03 AM on October 29 [1 favorite]

There's callbacks, and then there's callbacks.
posted by StarkRoads at 12:49 AM on October 29

Man I used to love homestar back in the (early/mid 2000s?) day, but if there were callbacks I don't remember the references anymore. I actually had to go look at wikipedia to recall some of the secondary characters' names. Nonetheless, 8 minutes I don't regret.
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I watched this twice, mostly because I hadn't seen homestar in so long it took a bit to get use to the style and actually pay attention to the details. It landed better the second time around for me. I'm fairly sure I didn't get all the references, but it did make me smile.

I'm glad this is still around. I realized watching the youtube that at the end with the costumes it was going through the style of having clicked the characters in flash to see what they do. I definately missed that part of these which was part of the fun.
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That was such a good, soothing hit of nostalgia.
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I needed that. Bad. You who posted this are doing noble work bringing mirth to an otherwise mostly joyless year.
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I watched it on flash because dammit, I still can, and I'd forgotten that feeling of watching a video and then never being quite sure it was over... I think I watched that end frame for a full 30 seconds, just in case there was more good stuff coming.
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I wasn't sure I liked the zig-zaggéd pants, but it was worse when he took them off.
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> If you still have a way to play it, there is even a Flash version!

Speaking of terrifyingly tall abstraction towers, ween20.swf seems to work fine in the Ruffle online demo player!
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Aw man, I thought it was going to be Beetlejuice-themed! That was odd how a sandworm spat up Strongbad-as-Zod.
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A couple of the major references are to this SBEMail and also this one over here. Oh and also this Halloween toon and also this other one.

Gotta love decade+ old injokes.
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Dear Strongbad,

How do you play the keyboard with boxing gloves one?

-- MeFite in Potatoland
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