Thunder, Thunder, Thunder
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I was blown out of the atmosphere when [Grateful Dead drummer] Billy Kreutzmann said he wanted me to take a crack at writing the music to these lyrics by the late great Robert Hunter [previously]. I cried like a baby for like an hour after I hung up the phone.
Bluegrass phenomenon Billy Strings [previously, previously] premiered Thunder in Louisville, KY last May.
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Yeah, that's pretty fucking awesome.

Miss RH's lyrics...
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Thanks so much for posting - it's finding its way all over the place...
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The two Billy's played together about a month ago for Kreutzmann's birthday and the session has been showing up in drips and drabs on YT. There are links to other parts of the gig, including a few songs with Carlos Santana. Good stuff.

I scored tix to Billy Strings later in the summer, and it'll be my first live show since, you know...
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This is not really my area but goddam that is straight fire. Thanks!
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Thanks - this hits the spot this evening in ways I didn't know I needed. Wowsers.
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That's lovely, thanks for this.
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The kid can play! Gotta admit, for a long time Billy Strings was just a name in the sidebar when I was looking for older bluegrass and old-time music on YouTube. Being the curmudgeon that I am I thought nahhhhh, but the deadhead in me couldn't resist checking this out. Glad I clicked through. Really dug the extended jam on Help on the Way, Deep Elem and more.
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The great, great story of Billy Strings (William Apostol) finding his father's original, much beloved guitar and repurchasing it. His father needed to sell the guitar for financial reasons, and Billy discovered it was up for sale again many years later, on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum. Preston Thompson Guitars interviewed Billy Strings about the circumstances.
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Lovely, I love acoustic guitar.
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Yeah, he really brings it, and his band steps up nicely, too. Great stuff.
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In NH on my bday. No way I miss this.

Try me.

Or meet me there I'll have a bicycle shirt on , no not logos ,just a bike . It's blue retero.

Yes I know what I'll be wearing. Plus a green over large sweatshirt with hood. White lining. Campus II. Cause I know I'm not working if I wear this combo .
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