Niftski and 420 blazeit, when the frame rule fell
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Everybody knows that improving the 2016 Super Mario Bros. non-tool-assisted speedrun record was physically impossible. What this documentary breakdown of SMB speedrun progress since then presupposes is: maybe it wasn't?

Come for the accessible explanation of the historical SMB run landmarks, stay for the sight of an abandoned Mario dying repeatedly to a slowly oncoming beetle while a man shouts exultantly in the background.
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Vámonos amigos…
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I like the music.

And yeah also like the dramatic tone mixed with gamer names. "However, this would require not one, but three pixel perfect inputs, and as such was thought impossible. [PAUSE] That is, until patootie_pants_69 started running in late 2019."
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Summoning Salt’s documentaries on speedruns are fantastic, so glad to see them here! I’ve been a fan for several years, and if you have any interest at all in the nuts and bolts of how speed runners push the limits of games, I’d highly recommend exploring his work. He does a great job of breaking down the different complicated techniques that are used, quirky parts of the community around each game, and big breakthroughs over the years. All with very relaxing narration and solid vaporwave tunes.

Some favorites:
Super Mario 64 any %
Wii Sports Golf (surprisingly riveting)
And my personal favorite:
Ninja Gaiden world record history — if you’re not familiar with the speedrunner Arcus, he’s the Bob Ross of speedrunning. This video’s a great introduction.

Oh, and Summer Games Done Quick 2021 is going on right now, so if you’re interested in speedrunning at all now’s a great chance to see top tier runners doing their thing for charity while explaining their methods. Link is to the Youtube channel, but they’re live on twitch through the weekend.
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Did you just say you're on mescaline?

because I would love to be right now. Great, brain-breaking video as usual from Summoning Salt.
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seconding what rosary said. summoning salt's channel is great, wholesome vidyagame nerdery. his videos have only gotten better over time. "the quest to beat matt turk" is a particularly good episode.
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Seconding the Matt Turk one.
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Thanks for posting the Mario 64 link. I remember seeing that 0 star run when it first came out and being completely blown away. That it was years' worth of humans to achieve just makes it that much more incredible.
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I appreciate this. I watched some of Salt's videos a while back and I was unaware that there could be further breakthroughs in human Mario technology. The four-minute Mario awaits!
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I feel like using a keyboard invalidates any record.
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Everybody knows that improving the 2016 Super Mario Bros. non-tool-assisted speedrun record was physically impossible.

My mom is so out of touch that she didn't even know that.
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Everybody knows that improving the 2016 Super Mario Bros. non-tool-assisted speedrun record was physically impossible

Turns out it was a shining artifact of the past.
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