Numnum cat
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The numnum cat just wanted some milk. The Kiffness, however, thought better of it. And then people joined in.

Previously, the Kiffness also sang a duet with a cat, and then, too, people all over the world joined in.
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Poor little cat, just wanted some milk. Then these people had to make a deal out of it.
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Love the Merideth Bull takes on these - 'Sick of this empty cup' and 'I don't wanna be touched' (with the aforementioned numnum cat).
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A rare time when internet comments are right: Once you hear the beat, you can't unhear it.
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some of the internets finest wares.
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needz wellerman bass dude
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this international mash-up ends with a very funny bit that made me giggle.
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I laughed so hard at the videos OP linked...but I could not watch any more, because my cats were offended and swatted me.

(Though I'm pretty sure it's because it's two hours past First Dinner and I've yet to feed them.)
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Reminds me of Ievan Polkka from the old leekspin meme.
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Is the international numnum version intentionally sampling the Wellerman tune or is my brain just stuck in the rut of that goddamn song again?
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some mornings I wake up grumpy and not wanting to be around other humans, but this made me love all humanity!
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People around the world connecting to do awesome things together was what I hoped the internet would do, way back when it was new. This made me happy.
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In the duet video the cat is a living theramin!
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I love this, thanks for making my day! (Thanks also for the ear worm, which will only last a week or so... I'm sure.)
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Thanks also for the ear worm, which will only last a week or so... I'm sure.

Oh, sweet summer child...
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Heck, I've had EEEAAAOOO stuck in my head for 17 months now.
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Monday update: I needed this again, the hives are back and I need me some cat n trumpet warbles. Don't care if I hear it all day, it's great. I can actually hear how he modified the cat warble slightly in pitch so it goes up on the first nummanummanumma numnumnumnum, and then down on the second. My cats don't care at all.
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