Voice Break Choir
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A mini documentary on a transitional boys' choir for boy choir members aging out because of puberty in Sweden. From the New Yorker and via Kottke. Wish they had a place like this for all teenagers!
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This is so lovely - such a hard age and such a compassionate way to to give these boys their voices.
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I had the sweetest tenor: school choir, Zadok the Priest, sight-reading along with all the parts; glorious. Then my voice broke (late), and my confidence with it, and I got kicked out the choir 'cos I couldn't tell whether I was going to be a baritone or a tenor on any given day. I still feel I can't sing, so I don't any more.
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My spouse still grieves over the loss of his soprano voice. He sang in a paid boys' choir until he was 12 or so. I hear him singing sometimes upstairs and he has a lovely baritone he won't ever use in public. He's 74.
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When it's time to change...
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