They weren't considered a flight risk
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Great title!
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lol @ ratites, with their comical inability to fly, their absurd remarkably large eggs*, and their goofy lack of preen glands, which is why they all look hilariously permanently disheveled.

* Okay, okay, so though ostrich eggs are quite large, they are proportionately smaller than the eggs of most other birds, kiwis lay proportionally the largest eggs of any bird (20% of their body weight!)
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What are they being farmed for?
posted by rrrrrrrrrt at 9:38 PM on January 11

Ostrich is fairly delicious, and also feathers.
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I was in Birr, Co. Offaly, Ireland once and saw an escaped cow absolutely galloping down a residential road. The best bit was that they ignored the two lane road and instead ran through people's front gardens, jumping the hedges in between like a clumsy racehorse.

Also, in Berkeley a few years ago, a whole gaggle of wild turkeys started following me when I was walking down Francisco St. The security guy at the North Berkeley BART stop was amused, but wouldn't let them on without tickets.
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Great title!

No kidding.
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Apparently most of them have been recaptured.

Assuming that the remainder find a sufficiently hospitable environment, then given the history of human-avian conflicts, I don't rate China's chances of controlling its growing feral ostrich population.
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A link to the video from the article — That webpage is doing dodgy things to force ads through, so if you just wanna jumpt to the Youtube, here you go.
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Needs the Benny Hill theme music.

And yes, best title ever.
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Needs the Benny Hill theme music

I strongly recommend that you stop whatever you are doing right now and run the YouTube video through the BennyHillifier.
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Thank you, verstegan, I needed that. Here's the Benny Hill-ified link
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Glad I've got steak tonight. Those ostriches made me hungry for red meat.

Ostriches have steaks nearly as good as beef!
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No better title ever!
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