I promise you, all of us up here tonight, we WERE that kid!
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Neil Patrick Harris has hosted the Tony Awards four times. Here are the opening numbers for each of those appearances. 2009 [Emmy-winning appearance, 9m59s*], 2011 [5m45s], 2012 [8m12s], 2013 [8m26s]. They are all thrilling, all have different themes, and they all make me want to go find the old clothes and a barn and put on a show! posted by hippybear (13 comments total) 26 users marked this as a favorite
YES. I remember the 2011 opening number so vividly. I later learned that it was written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger, who wrote the Tony-nominated score for Broadway's Cry-Baby.

And I remember the 2013 opening number so clearly, too. And, of course, that one, Bigger, was written by Tom Kitt and Lin-Manuel Miranda - and I remember I was equally blown away by the closing number, written in about 6 nanoseconds by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Thomas Kail.

Before he started hosting the Tonys, I pretty much only knew Neil Patrick Harris as teen heartthrob Neil Patrick Harris, that kid actor who was on Doogie Howser, which I had never watched. I assumed he was some kinda talentless kid who was just famous for starring in something so young.

I was utterly delighted and gobsmacked to learn how wrong I was. From those Tony awards shows, he became one of my favorite performers - smart, funny, incredibly talented, incredibly hard-working, and I get the impression he's a nice guy as well. He's certainly involved in a lot of great causes.

Thank you so much for posting these, hippybear! I am ALWAYS so happy to revisit this fabulous songs, and his fabulous performances, and I'm just grinning imagining other MeFites who might not have seen them yet get to enjoy them for the first time.
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Love, love, LOVE!
Thank you for posting this!
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Never not watch! <3
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Also for re-watching, his 2014 Tonys Hedwig performance.
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He's just having so much fun, it's infectious. And now I want to watch Stockard Channing in "Pal Joey"
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For another angle on the 2013 opener, watch from the director's booth
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I just watched that 2013 number for about the tenth time, and I still can’t figure out how he gets from the disappearing cabinet to the back of the auditorium so fast. Such a delight!
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I still can’t figure out how he gets from the disappearing cabinet to the back of the auditorium so fast

I highly recommend the film The Prestige. It explains how this trick is done, and is a damn fine film also. (Plus is has David Bowie!)
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I love these and often watch one or two if I’m feeling down and need a lift.
Thanks for posting!
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I highly recommend the film The Prestige. It explains how this trick is done

Also how NPH could be in so many movies and shows at the same time!
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He was the narrator the last time I saw the Candlelight Processional at Walt Disney World. He was utterly charming.
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One of my standard small-talk oversimplifications is "every generation gets its [something]." NPH feels like Generation X's Tom Hanks/Jimmy Stewart/whoever was before that (when I started this comment I intended to say "Generation Y," but then I found out he's only 5 years younger than me). It seems apparent that he's on a trajectory toward National Treasure status.
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Oh, apparently NPH will be playing The Baker in the New York Encores! production of Into The Woods that runs next month. Wish I could be there for that!
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